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Fed up with paying $160+ (not that these 2 girls aren’t worth it) per month on diapers we thought, “surely there had to be a good quality, safe diaper out there that we could feel comfortable using on our kids that also didn’t break the bank”.

So what started out as an effort to rid families of overpriced diapers and offer them the best possible diaper for the best price - led us to learn about an issue that affects millions of children all over the US - diaper need.  

That’s when My Diaper Box was born!


“be the change that you wish to see in the world“

Frustrated and armed with 10+ years of manufacturing experience in the infant/toddler industry, we spent close to a year searching the globe for a manufacturer that ticked all the boxes for the high quality, responsible manufacturing that we were looking for. Well we found a great partner in Europe that allowed us the opportunity to provide one heck of a diaper to everyday families while donating diapers to children in need with every subscription they purchase.

We’ve partnered with and will donate diapers to well-established, non-profit organizations all over the U.S. who specifically use them as incentives for families to participate in programs that give them the life skills they need to care for their children (i.e. parenting classes, participation in baby developmental research sessions, attending drug rehabilitation classes, learning how to take care of a newborn infant, attending GED classes, and taking babies to wellness checkups and scheduled immunizations.) It’s proven that diapers used as incentives increase parental participation in classes - classes that teach them the skills they need to succeed in society - ultimately helping break the chain of poverty. The inaccessibility of diapers to those who can’t afford them is no doubt a big problem, but helping solve the issue of why they can’t afford them in the first place is an even bigger problem.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference and together we believe that we can truly make a change for babies across the country.


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Now you can relax knowing each months supply of diapers and wipes will be conveniently delivered to your door!

included in every months supply of diapers:
5 Packs of 54 wipes (270 wipes)